Connecting the dots looking backwards

It’s so important to always know how you got to where you are.  It helps you navigate through your journey.

Speaking candidly, it was hard to look back at first because I viewed a lot of my failures as missed opportunities.  But when I connected the dots, it told me a much different story.

Two important lessons that came to light:

  1. I now look at failure differently – I just found ways that didn’t work
  2. When it came to my first start-ups, jazzboo and neighborbee, it wasn’t about launching the businesses, it was about learning about the process of executing.

Take some time to connect the dots looking backwards.  Some people try to ignore it and not get caught up by looking backwards (I get it, that was me), but when you’re able to be in a place when you can look back with a clear mind, it’s a game changer.

Many people only look at the future and not the past.  We are programmed to always look ahead and I agree that you don’t want to live in the past.

But there’s a difference between getting stuck in the past and connecting the dots looking backwards.

It enables you to better understand yourself and more importantly, where you’re going.

Do you agree?


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