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Connecting the dots looking backwards

It’s so important to always know how you got to where you are.  It helps you navigate through your journey. Speaking candidly, it was hard to look back at first because I viewed a lot of my failures as missed opportunities.  But when I connected the dots, it told me a much different story. Two […]

Fordham Entrepreneur Society – Solving a problem

In 2004, I took a business plan writing class in my MBA program.  Best class I’ve taken up to that point because I was finally taking entrepreneurship electives. Little did I know, there was a more important lesson learned here.

Made in New York

Even though neighborbee wasn’t successful, there was (and still is) a lot of heart behind it.

Seize the day

Why do you think some people achieve great success while others don’t?  Talent,  Luck, Intelligence, Physical attributes? According to Malcom Gladwell, it’s everything, but one element stands out than others.

Passion #1 – Family

Family is my top passion.  A big part of it, is providing for them, which has led me to become a practical innovator.

Everything Matters

If you would’ve told me that being a fish monger at age 12 would have led me to the entrepreneurial journey I’ve been on for decades, I never would’ve believed you.