I love this quote. It’s a perfect example of why you need to get behind something you’re passionate about, so failures appear to be a learning experience on the way to success.  I failed HARD 10 years ago trying to launch neighborbee.  But then we pivoted and created neighborbeeBLOG.

We peaked at 25k monthly visitors, 90 volunteer writers and made no money.  In fact, it cost me money to run it.

What kept me going, is that I was passionate about connecting people in NYC neighborhoods, learning about blogging and launching an internet company.  It eventually led to Lobo BMC , Lobo Cisco and other WordPress projects, including neighborbee.blog.

The key is that sometimes you need blind faith to believe your efforts are going to pay off at some point.

Follow your passion 

Key Trait of Entrepreneurs: ‘Delusional Optimism”