How do you answer the question, “what do you do?”  Should be pretty simple, right?

Someone’s eyes glazed over when I answered that question at a cocktail party.   That’s never a good thing.  You could’ve blown the opportunity to talk with someone who may have been an influencer.

Instead, you risk being branded as “that annoying guy.”

As a multi-potentialite, I have many interests and creative pursuits, so, it’s not a simple answer.  But that’s no excuse.

After the party, I immediately wrote down an elevator pitch and worked on reciting it until it flowed well.  Then I practiced on friends and family.

“I’m in technology sales and an entrepreneur.  I work in tech sales for CenturyLink – we’re a $26b global managed service provider.  We provide network services, hardware and software.”

I’m also an entrepreneur in Tech and Social Marketing.  Then I go into a quick sentence or two about my side projects.

Tips for creating a cocktail party elevator pitch

  1. KISS (keep it simple stupid) – Less is better.  If people want you to elaborate, they’ll let you know and then you can talk more about it.
  2. Write it down – Either index cards or an index card app, so you can always refer to it easily.
  3. Practice – Does it flow well?  The only way you’ll know is if you say it out loud to yourself in a mirror and to friends and family.
  4. Be articulate – Use what you wrote as a way to stay on track but make sure it doesn’t sound too rehearsed.
  5. Practice makes perfect – Reciting your elevator pitch is no different than an actor delivering his lines.  The more you practice, the more natural it will sound.
  6. Be authentic – This is always the goal.  How you deliver this will determine how authentic it’s going to sound.  Stay on track but put them in your own words.

This shouldn’t take very long but take as much time as you need to get it down.