It’s clear my “Parsifal Moment” was when Mike O’Rielly presented me the key to Lighthouse Seafood when I was 12 years old.  Lighthouse Seafood was my Grail Castle.

That was my “Magic Half Hour.”

According to Johnson in the book, He, “no youth can cope with this opened of the Heavens; most set it aside but do not forget about it.  A few are so touched by the vision of meaning, that they spend the rest of their lives, like Parsifal, searching for the Grail Castle again.”

Much like Parsifal, I spent the next 15 years searching obsessively for another opportunity to visit the Grail Castle.

“The Grail is always near one and available at any moment but 16 and 45 as well as times of change seem to be the two points in a man’s life when it is most easily found.”

For me, the Grail Castle was closest to me during my time of transition in December, 2001.  I was questioning everything – I lost a lot of money after the internet bubble popped, lost my job at a large internet start-up and had a front row seat during 911 as my office faced both towers.

This was a monumental wake-up call and brought me back to “My Parsifal Moment” where my true passion for entrepreneurship was uncovered.

Know Thyself because it will enable you to Connect the Dots.

Have you had a similar experience?