Jazzboo was my first attempt at a start-up and was originally created in 2002 to be an online delivery company.

It was inspired by Kozmo.com, the NYC online delivery company that would get you almost anything in under an hour by bike messenger.  Their business model wasn’t sustainable and inventory played a big part.  By the way, Kozmo.com relaunched as a warehouse club earlier in the year.  (wired article)

My vision was to use all NYC retail stores as inventory.  Living across from Ground Zero right after 911, it broke my heart to see small businesses in the area struggle. #neverforget

I knew they would benefit from jazzboo bringing them new customers from a new medium.

Ultimately, we felt the real opportunity was with Social Networks.  So jazzboo evolved into a social network for neighborhoods called neighborbee.

Part of the decision process was concluding I wasn’t fully committed to figuring out the logistics for a delivery company.  That was too uncomfortable for me.  Very important to admit that to yourself.

Check out this article I wrote about jazzboo for my coop’s newsletter in May, 2007.

I love this, because it reminds me how jazzboo and neighborbee were dead on (and still are).

Looking back, it’s clear my commitment was to learn the process of executing and not actually executing these businesses.  Plus, I discovered another passion along the way – Social Marketing.

Follow you passions even if they’re not fully clear.

Your adaptive unconscious will lead you there.  #malcomgladwell #blink.