Everyone has their own definition of success.  Most people want money.  That’s important, but the Holy Grail is doing something you love too.

When you’re driven toward something because you’re passionate about it, there’s gonna be failure and sacrifice along the way.  Especially if you have to become a Master of your Craft, like most people do.  Like I did.

Failure is a necessary part of success.  It’s a right of passage.  It’s the secret sauce to success no-one likes to acknowledge.

There are different levels of failure.

For example, I never could’ve failed as hard as I did a decade ago when I left my well paid day job to launch neighborbee before the site was up.  Today, that would be unfathomable.

Failure opened up a lot of doors, but reminded me I had to get better.

Getting better means you have to fail along the way to learn hard lessons.  The more it stings, the better because you will naturally get better to avoid that pitfall.

As long as your goals don’t change, that’s the recipe for success.

Do you agree?