2017 is coming to an end soon.  I’ve been reflecting on 2017 and looking ahead to 2018.

2018 is going to be a big year.  Lots of wood to chop in building my “hobbies” into businesses.

I thought my mantra would be something like, “I’m ready!  Let’s do this!!!”

It was more of a battle cry.  I happened to watch Sam Mills on A Football Life recently and it inspired me to rethink my mantra for the year ahead.

For him, determination, focus and hard work was his recipe for success.

His mantra was “Keep Pounding.”  People told him throughout his life that he was too small to ever be a professional football player.  When a guy like Kevin Green (hall of fame linebacker) says that he thought he worked hard in the weight room until he saw Sam Mills, that’s the ultimate compliment coming from him.

He would always say that throughput his life and even when he was ill with cancer, which took his life in 2005.

It was so impactful to The Panthers, that the organization adopted it.  Before every game, a large drum is hit while everyone screams, “keep pounding!!!”

I’ve also adopted it as my mantra for 2018.

I love this time of year for many reasons.  It represents an end to your efforts you made all year.  You should celebrate the wins and learn from the losses.

This time, try looking deep within yourself and decide if your accomplishments over the past year align with what you want to achieve in the coming year.

Try giving the upcoming year a mantra that represents what you’re trying to accomplish personally and professionally.

Then stick to it and execute. You may have to modify it, but I guarantee it will help you remain focused on your goals.

Do you have a mantra for 2018?