Someone told me to always bet big on you.  While I’ve always believed that, I heard it louder and clearer today for some reason. 

The journey can be tough and you can start doubting whether you’re the best bet.

How do you think people feel at the end of a marathon compared to how they felt in the beginning? That’s what it feels like except you’re in the beginning or middle of the marathon.

Your journey can include a lot of hard lessons like failure, sacrifice and frustration. It’s amplified even more when you have dependents that rely on your income. It can take a toll.

This is when you need to dig deep and remember how you felt when you embarked on this journey. Was giving up an option? Doubt it.

It’s also a moment when you’ve stretched yourself far. Push yourself to the limit and then keep going. That’s how you grow.

But you need to come back and get on the right path quicker, because we all have someone that relies on us (be a Practical Innovator).

Stretch yourself but don’t wreck yourself.

Whatever you do, don’t give up.  Success could be right around the corner.

You got this.