Most entrepreneurs are risk adverse by nature.  But some like me, weren’t. So it took a monumental wake up call to change my mindset.

In my 20’s, being a multi millionaire by 30 was most important to me.

In 1998, I was on the ground floor of a hot $6b Telecom startup, but it came tumbling down when the dotcom bubble burst.  Then a front row seat on 9/11 changed everything.

I am thankful for the opportunity of reemerging stronger and wiser.  Family, friends and finding my true passions in life became my priorities.  The fire inside me burned to do something meaningful.  When I dug deep and reflected, I found the 12 year old boy who was called to entrepreneurship when my first boss at the fish store handed me the key to the store.

Since then, I’ve been on an obsessive journey to make sense of it.  It led to finding my true passions and becoming a Practical Innovator, which is someone that puts the needs of people that depend on you financially and emotionally, first.

Family is ALWAYS #1 and know pursuing my passions is the best version of me to give them.

Today, I’m an entrepreneur who’s failed up trying to hit it out of the park a few times and currently run B2b Sales and Marketing for a growing IT company, Livtech.  I’m also a regular guest speaker at Fordham University’s Gabelli school of Business.

I hope reading this blog leads to embodying The Practical Innovator mindset.

Hustle Responsibly,


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