I used to have free time.  Used to have some nights and weekends to myself. 

I’m so blessed and thankful to say that all changed for the better.  That said, it’s not easy to find the peace of mind to innovate and execute.  But here are 5 ways that came to mind when things got crazy in my family room yesterday:

1) Embrace your family and the “distractions” that come along with them. Distractions are temporary but family love is forever.

2) Use technology to get your ideas down in some way. As I write this, I’m on my couch typing on my phone using Evernote to save everything while there is chaos going on in front of me.  I also have my AirPods in my ears to try and cancel out the noise.

3) Get used to working when your surroundings are crazy.  Your children and significant other will appreciate your presence even if you are distracted.  Sometimes, it will be better for you to not be present because you’re showing you’re not paying attention and that could be insulting.

4) As a practical innovator, your family are reminders of how important it is for you to adapt and execute whatever circumstances you have because you always want to present the best version of yourself to them.

5) Use the time you have with everyone to create drafts for whatever you’re doing and then later when alone, you can edit and properly execute.  But this time enables you to be ahead of the game and have something to work with when it’s time.

Take a deep breath. You got this because you have to.

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